CEVAA Visit to Lesotho

In October the Community for Churches in Mission, better known by its French acronym CEVAA, visited Lesotho. CEVAA is a long-time partner organization of the Lesotho Evangelical Church in Southern Africa (LECSA). Besides the visit marking the occasion of the organization’s executive committee meeting, representatives attended LECSA church services as well as the Leeto la Thapelo event held in Morija. The LECSA presented the CEVAA delegates with beautiful Basotho blankets showing the LECSA logo and membership emblems of the church’s four associations.

CEVAA is the successor of the Paris Evangelical Missionary Society (PEMS), the body that sent the first three missionaries to Lesotho in 1833 at the invitation of King Moshoeshoe I, the founder of the Basotho nation. The PEMS missionaries established the Church of Basutoland which became, in 1964, the Lesotho Evangelical Church, known today as the Lesotho Evangelical Church in Southern Africa. Today CEVAA is comprised of 36 denominations, including the LECSA, from countries in Europe, Africa, Latin America and Oceania.


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