LECSA Moderator’s Daughter Marries

The end of 2013 brought great joy in Morija when, on the 28th of December, the marriage of Miss Nthabeleng Masemene (daughter of Rev. & Mrs. Tseliso Masemene) and Mr. Tefo Mocheko (son of the late Mr. & Mrs. Mocheko) took place on a beautiful summer’s day in the amphitheatre of the Morija Museum & Archives.  Rev. Masemene is the current Moderator of the LECSA.  The wedding was officiated by Rev. Bernard Mojaki Kometsi.

Among the many guests were His Majesty King Letsie III, the Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Mothejoa Metsing, the Deputy Minister of Finance Mrs Ramakoae and many pastors and church leaders of the LECSA.  The bride and groom are both employed with the Ministry of Local Government in Thaba-Tseka.  The couple will make their home in Thaba-Tseka.


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