Global Ministries Visit to Lesotho

During 11-14th January 2014 Rev. Sandra Gourdet, the Africa Secretary for Global Ministries, made a visit to Lesotho to meet with the leadership of the Lesotho Evangelical Church in Southern Africa (LECSA).

Global Ministries is a long-time partner of the LECSA.  This relationship extends back more than 25 years.  Global Ministries, based in the United States, is the common overseas witness of the United Church of Christ and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).  Global Ministries has over 200 partners in 70 countries around the world.  This includes 15 countries and over 40 partners in Africa.  In Lesotho these partners include the LECSA and the Christian Council of Lesotho (CCL).

During her stay Rev. Gourdet was present at the LECSA service at Morija on Sunday morning, attended chapel at the LECSA’s Morija Theological School (MTS) on Monday morning, met with the MTS staff and had discussions with the MTS Director Rev. Bernard Mojaki Kometsi.  Later in the day she visited Casalis House in Maseru where she had meetings with the LECSA Moderator Rev. Tseliso Masemene, LECSA Executive Secretary Rev. G. L. Ramatlapeng, LECSA Adminsitrator Rev. Peter Tefo and the LECSA Accountant Mrs. Maletsela Mapetla.  Rev. Gourdet also visited the offices of the CCL where she met with Rev. Khethang Posholi (CCL Chairperson) and Mr. Thabiso Mokobori (General Secretary).  She was also able to visit Khotla LECSA where she saw the roof which was severely damaged in a windstorm in September 2013.  The roof had only been completed in March 2013 in a joint effort funded by Khotla LECSA and Global Ministries.

Besides the Khotla roof project, last year Global Ministries assisted MTS with the purchase of textbooks and six new computers.  Five of the computers are being used to teach computer skills to the students.  The installation included software and internet capability.  The visit of Rev. Gourdet follows up on a visit made by Rev. Masemene to the Global Ministries offices in Indianapolis, USA in 2012.


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