New School Buildings Going Up

In the district of Quthing the Lesotho Evangelical Church in Southern Africa (LECSA) is building new classrooms for Bolahla-Litau LECSA Primary School. The school was identified by the LECSA Education Office as one of the schools desperately in need of proper classrooms. The school is located up in the mountains approximately 21 kilometres off the main road from Ha Ntho near Moyeni. Although this distance is not far, the rough road conditions mean that it takes close to two hours to reach the school from Ha Ntho.

The project includes building two 3-room classroom blocks. One of the rooms will be subdivided to provide storage space, a principal’s office and staff room. The school covers all seven standards or grades at the primary level and currently has around 120 students and four teachers. It is expected that enrolment will increase substantially once the new buildings are in use. For now the school has only a small stone structure that serves as the Bolahla-Litau LECSA outstation of Qomoqomong Parish which is part of the Masitise Presbytery.

The project was initiated at the end of 2012 but transportation problems have delayed progress. However, in November 2013 new transporters were engaged to deliver materials to the site and it is hoped that the buildings will be completed by June of 2014. Roofing was completed on one of the two buildings in late February.  Photos showing various stages of construction are below.

Funding for this project comes through the generosity of the estate of the late Naomi Margaret ‘Joy’ McKean of New Zealand who was a volunteer in Lesotho and had a heart for improving the educational facilities of the schools of the LECSA. The church is very thankful and appreciative for this act of kindness which will, indeed, bring joy to the teachers and pupils in this isolated area of Quthing.


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