Morija Presbytery Meeting

The annual Morija Presbytery meeting was recently held at Matelile Parish. The meeting concluded on Sunday, the 2nd of March, when all ten of the parishes of the presbytery gathered for a service of worship. The sermon, preached by Pastor S. S. Mosololi of the Thupalikaka Parish, was based on Genesis 21:17-19.

Each of the parishes sent four official delegates to the meeting which started on Wednesday and concluded its work on Saturday evening. There were also representatives from the four different church associations as well as the LECSA Executive Committee. Meals and accommodation for the delegates during the event were provided by the hosting parish of Matelilie. The women of the parish also prepared food for the approximately 1000 attendees for the service on Sunday, including students from Matellile Primary School and Mathula High School.

Rev. E. T. Mona is the pastor of the hosting parish of Matelile. Commenting on this year’s event, he said, “Although I’ve only been at Matelile for three months, I can see that the parish is growing and improving. We were pleased with how smoothly the preparations went. Parish members worked very hard and there were donations of two cows and five sheep to help feed the delegates and the gathering on Sunday.”

The Moderator of the Morija Presbytery, Rev. F. Sekulisa, reported that the presbytery is growing well. This was indicated by how much improvement had been seen in the support given for the Leeto la Thapelo event in October 2013. He appealed to everyone to remain faithful and supportive of the church in all its activities.

Among the guests present were the ward chief Mr. Moholobela Seeiso and the Member of Parliament for the Matelile Constituency, Mr. Maimane Maphathe. Representing the LECSA Executive Committee was Rev. L. S. Ntsasa.

The time of offering was conducted over several hours in the afternoon. The total amount came to nearly M120,000. The top three parishes were Morija, Matelile and Tlametlu. Next year’s meeting will be hosted by the Matsieng Parish.


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