Thuthuho Ordination Service

On Sunday morning the 27th of April 2014, as part of the special Thuthuho celebrations held in Morija, three pastors of the Lesotho Evangelical Church in Southern Africa (LECSA) were ordained. Those ordained were Rev. A. M. Machachamise of Matlakeng LECSA in Qalo Presbytery, Rev. I. L. Mokheseng of Phamong LECSA in Maphutseng Presbytery and Rev. M. N. Monyane of Ketane LECSA, also in Maphutseng Presbytery. The sermon was given by the LECSA Moderator Rev. Tseliso Simeon Masemene, who also administered the oaths of ordination. There were approximately eighty pastors of the LECSA present who extended their arms of blessing upon the three new pastors.

In his message, based on the Thuthuho theme of 1 Samuel 7:12 (“Thus far has the LORD helped us”), Rev. Masemene noted how in the story related to the theme, Samuel had called upon the people to repent if they really wanted God’s help. The Philistines had tormented and oppressed the Israelites because they had not truly sought the LORD nor served Him wholeheartedly. Confession and repentance were necessary. Similarly, the church must confess that it, too, has not been perfect and has needed to confess and repent. No individual or institution is without sin before God. To seek to live in accordance with God’s laws it is necessary to admit our weaknesses, turn from our half-hearted efforts and sincerely commit ourselves fully to the LORD. By so doing God will bless the work of our hands.

Rev Masemene, in addressing the new pastors, explained that they would be especially marked and remembered as being those who were ordained during the Thuthuho Jubilee. They must understand they would be closely observed and must be exemplary in all ways in serving God and ministering to His people. They were not just any pastors, but those chosen to be ordained at this important Jubilee.

The newly ordained pastors are all graduates of the LECSA Morija Theological School. The LECSA is the largest Protestant denomination in Lesotho with over one hundred parishes and pastors.


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