2014 Graduation Ceremony at MTS

Morija Theological Seminary (MTS) of the Lesotho Evangelical Church in Southern Africa (LECSA) hosted its graduation ceremony for 2014 on the 31st of May. This year there were four students graduating from the seminary: Mr. Seati Molati of Malibamatšo Parish in Leribe Presbytery, Mr. Mphasane Majoro of Qholaqhoe Parish in Qalo Presbytery, Mrs. ‘Mareabetsoe Adoro of Tšoeneng Parish in Morija Presbytery, and Mrs. ‘Maseeng Tšoloane of Mafeteng Parish in Hermone Presbytery. Friends and family, as well as members of their parishes and presbyteries were present for the ceremony on a beautiful late fall Saturday morning.

The LECSA Executive Committee has assigned the graduates to the following parishes to begin their ministry in August: Mr. Molati, Leqooa Parish in Tsoelike Presbytery; Mr. Majoro, Lesobeng Parish in Mantšonyane Presbytery; Mrs. Adoro, Sehong-hong Parish in Molumong Presbytery; and Mrs. Tšoloane, Phororong Parish in Thaba-Bosiu Presbytery.

Rev. Bernard Mojaki Kometsi is the Director of MTS and Rev. Lefumanyane Sidney Ntšasa is Chair of the MTS Board. Master of Ceremonies for the event was MTS faculty member Rev. Tšeliso Silas Lentsoenyane. Others in attendance were LECSA Moderator Rev. Simeon Tšeliso Masemene, LECSA Executive Secretary Rev. Nelson Khethang Posholi, MTS Board Deputy Chair Dr. ‘Mamoeketsi Ntho, members of the MTS faculty and LECSA Executive Committee members.


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