Molumong Presbytery Meeting at Sehong-hong

The Molumong Presbyerty of the Lesotho Evangelical Church in Southern Africa (LECSA) held its annual meeting at the Sehong-hong Parish from 25-29th March 2015. The church at Sehong-hong, located in the mountain district of Thaba-Tseka, was founded in 1892 by one of the first Mosotho pastors of the LECSA, Rev. Jobo Moteane. The Moteane family was instrumental in the construction of the new Sehong-hong church building which sits adjacent to the old stone structure.

On Saturday the 28th of March there was a special event at the Mashai kerekana (outstation), located on the grounds of the Mashai Primary School of the LECSA, of the Sehong-hong Parish. A church service and celebration was held to commemorate the official opening of the building there which was destroyed in a windstorm back in 2002. The community at Mashai had struggled mightily to rebuild and it was appropriate to give thanks and glory to God.

The pastor of the Sehong-hong Parish is Mrs. M. M. Adoro who is in her first pastorate since graduating from Morija Theological School last year. The Moderator of Molumong Presbytery is Rev. A. L. Motsamai. Among those present for the occasion were the LECSA Moderator Rev. T. S. Masemene, who cut the ribbon to officially open the Mashai church building, and the LECSA Administrator Rev. P. K. Tefo. For Rev. Tefo it was a homecoming of sorts as his home village is just a short distance away from Mashai. The church service included the baptism by Rev. Tefo of over twenty infants and young children. Rev. Masemene thanked the church members for their efforts in rebuilding and exhorted them to continue to persevere in their faith and work together.

After the conclusion of the church service, there were traditional dances performed by students from Mashai Primary School. Also, Mr. Thabo Ntai of the Thuthutho Organizing Committee spoke about the forthcoming concluding Thuthuho celebrations to be held in Morija at the end of April.

On Sunday the 29th of March the Presbytery meeting concluded with the closing worship service at the Sehong-hong Parish. The service was led by Evangelist Limpho Michael and Rev. Tefo gave the sermon. In attendance was the LECSA Moderator, as were representatives of the LECSA Executive Committee, Molumong Presbytery Committee, Thuthuho Organizing Committee and Moteane family.

The offering competition was contested by the six parishes of the Presbytery (Linakaneng, Malingoaneng, Mapholaneng, Mokhotlong, Molumong and Sehong-hong), as well as the men’s, women’s and youth groups. Many of those in attendance wore colourful traditional attire.



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