2015 Graduation Day at Morija Theological Seminary

Morija Theological Seminary (MTS) of the Lesotho Evangelical Church in Southern Africa (LECSA) held its 2015 graduation ceremony on the last Saturday of May. The class of 2015 included six graduates earning a Diploma of Theology and five graduates from the Bible School. The former will take up pastoral roles in parishes to be assigned to them by the LECSA Executive Committee while the latter group will return to their home parishes as Evangelists.

The graduates were introduced and presented to the audience by Rev. T. S. Lentsoenyane of the MTS faculty. In attendance were members of the LECSA Executive Committee, including the LECSA Moderator Rev. T. S. Masemene and the LECSA Administrator Rev. P. K. Tefo, the MTS Director Rev. B. M. Kometsi, and members of the MTS Board and Komisi ea tsa Boruti (Ministerial Commission). Besides friends and family of the graduates, many church members and clergy came to celebrate with the students who are from their parishes.

Graduating Pastors:
1. Mr Letete Paul Khemane (from Thaba-Tseka Parish, Mantšonyane Presbytery)
2. Mr Justinus Lephora Lekhafola (Orlando Parish, Gauteng Presbytery)
3. Ms Caroline Makhamathoane Monare (Siloe Parish, Maphutseng Presbytery)
4. Mrs Flora Matefo Moea (Masitise Parish, Masitise Presbytery)
5. Mrs Mapulane Martha Mokheseng (Thaba-Bosiu Parish, Thaba-Bosiu Presbytery)
6. Mr Nyaluoe Moses Thamahane (Qhomane Parish, Morija Presbytery)

Graduating Evangelists:
1. Mr Bernard Tumo Ramorena (Mathebe Parish, Hermone Presbytery)
2. Mrs Mapoloko Esther Matšoarelle (Potsane Parish, Leribe Presbytery)
3. Ms Mosa Alphoncina Lebona (Kolojane Parish, Berea Presbytery)
4. Mr Phorane Zacharia Molibeli (Serooeng Parish, Morija Presbytery)
5. Mr Moleleki Albert Nyabela (Piting Parish, Berea Presbytery)


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