Thaba-Bosiu Presbytery Ministers & Families Gathering

On June 20, 2015 Thaba-Bosiu Presbytery brought together LECSA ministers, both retired and current, and their families. Rev Elliot Setumo Sekoli from Qoaling Parish gave the sermon based on the Scripture reading from Luke 8:22-25. His message centered on the unity among those who are raised in the church’s life circle and trust and believe in God for facing the challenges in this world.

This meeting is an annual one for the Presbytery and its main purpose is to allow ministers’ children to interact so that they can know each other and share their experiences and challenges so that the older generation can mentor the younger generation and give guidance. Present at the meeting were ministers and their spouses, widows and children of ministers who have served the church. Mr. Ronald Khololikane Matlanyane, the son of the late Rev. Monyobo-nyobo Matlanyane who was at the LECSA seminary in Morija during 1927-1929, was the most senior child present and he is now a grandfather. But, thanks be to God, he was able to attend and seemed very well. What was so interesting was when these children gave a brief history of where their fathers had served the church and their knowledge of the LECSA. Some of them, although they married into other churches, still have a strong connection with this church in which they grew up.

The photos below show those who were present and you may recognize some minister, their spouse, or their children. May God bless you all and we hope this type of event can be held in other presbyteries as well. The Presbytery Moderator, Rev. Jane Timothy Makakane, and his committee were leading the discussion. We give thanks to the Thaba-Bosiu Presbytery Committee, Maseru Parish and Mokhatlo oa Basali Ba Kereke (Women’s Group) Maseru Parish for hosting this gathering.


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