CCL Prayer Service for the Judiciary of Lesotho

The Christian Council of Lesotho (CCL) held a prayer service for the Judiciary of Lesotho on the 31st March, 2016 at Maseru LECSA. The LECSA Synod Moderator, Rev. Tseliso Masemene, led the service and Archbishop Dr. Rev. Gerard Lerotholi of the Roman Catholic Church preached the sermon.

His Lordship High Court Judge Joseph Teboho Moiloa, said the main reasons for the service were the following:

  • To pray with and to be prayed for by the CCL as they celebrate the 50th Jubilee since they were established in Lesotho, and, most importantly, 50 years since Lesotho gained her independence in 1966.
  • To pray that God gives them strength and courage in their quest to dispense justice without favour or fear.
  • To pray for the country and the nation to strive for peace at all times.
  • To pray for government leaders to govern the country and the nation with justice and love, compassion for all, and to strive for unity and peace amongst the nation.
  • To pray for the Legislature and Local Authorities to make just laws that will be beneficial to the nation and that God will speak to their consciences so that they should view every citizen as a child of God.
  • To pray for the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of government to understand, respect, and honour their statutory obligations as stated in the Constitution.

At the end of the service members of the Judiciary gave their vote of thanks to the CCL for the invitation to the service. Amongst those who spoke were Law Society of Lesotho representative Advocate Shale, Chief Magistrate Mrs. Moliehi Nthunya, Her Lordship Justice Maseshope Hlajoane and Chief Justice Ms. Nthomeng Majara.








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