Storms Devastate Mantšonyane Parish

A severe windstorm destroyed buildings in Mantšonyane Parish in February.  The LECSA Executive Secretary Rev. Nelson Khethang Posholi, accompanied by the Mantšonyane Presbytery Moderator Rev. Lepekola Leonard Makutoane, visited the site on the 24th of February to see the damage.

The pastor’s house at Mantšonyane had half of the roof blown off.  Next door at Mafa Primary School, the entire roof was blown off a community-built two-room classroom building.  The building was only recently completed.   A few hundred metres away the roof was destroyed on a classroom building of Mantšonyane Secondary School that was under construction.  The storm occurred late in the afternoon after classes had been dismissed for the day.  No injuries were reported.

It was subsequently reported that on the 4th of March a second storm struck and destroyed the roof on the church building.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the community.  Offers of assistance can be made by contacting the LECSA office in Maseru (+266 22 313942) or Morija (+266 22 360215).


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