2016 Synod Meeting

The 2016 meeting of the Seboka (Synod) of the Lesotho Evangelical Church in Southern Africa (LECSA) was held at the Mophato oa Morija from 20th-24th April.

The LECSA Moderator, Rev. Tšeliso Simeon Masemene, officially opened the Synod meeting with an address on Wednesday evening and also gave the sermon during the closing worship service on Sunday at Morija LECSA. The meeting was the last one for the delegates who are completing their four-year term of appointment. New delegates will be elected at the 2017 Presbytery meetings in February and March next year prior to the April 2017 Seboka.

Special guests of the Synod this year were Rev. S. P. H. Nyambi and Mr. A. Gabara of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in South Africa (EPCSA). Rev. Nyambi is the EPCSA Moderator and Mr. Gabara is a member of their Synod.

The EPCSA was formerly known as the Tsonga Presbyterian Church and was founded in 1875 by the Swiss Mission in South Africa in the Northern Transvaal area. The missionary work was carried out by two Basotho evangelists, Asser Segagabane and Eliakim Matlanyane, of the Paris Evangelical Missionary Society (PEMS). It is also through the efforts of PEMS missionaries that the LECSA was founded in Lesotho in 1833. The shared history of the LECSA and EPSCA, both of the reformed tradition, is helping to renew ties between them. In 2015 the LECSA Moderator Rev. Nelson Khethang Posholi attended the EPSCA Synod meeting in South Africa.

The Synod witnessed the oath of obedience to the Synod, Executive Committee and LECSA Constitution by Rev. T. R. Sizane and Rev. R. L. Moloi, both of whom had been ordained since the previous sitting of the Synod.

During this sitting the Synod made several decisions to be implemented by the Executive Committee. One of these was to study the issue of homosexuality in relation to Scripture. Although the church does not accept this kind of life there was need to talk about it and assist those who are practicing it. Another of the issues to be studied is that of the restructuring of church institutions in order to facilitate better administration.

The Synod also expressed its concern over the recent spate of killings by rival famo (music) groups, mostly in the districts of Mafeteng and Mohale’s Hoek but also spreading elsewhere.  The Synod issued a statement calling on the rival groups to end these killings and urging the government to take whatever action is necessary to protect the nation.


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