LECSA Distributes Food Aid

The 2015-2016 growing season in Lesotho was plagued by one of the worst droughts in many years.  The resulting crop failure severely impacted the lives of many Basotho people.  Even small gifts of food can make a difference and this was visible recently as the Lesotho Evangelical Church in Southern Africa (LECSA) was able to assist 240 households in the districts of Mafeteng and Mohale’s Hoek.  These districts were the most severely affected by the drought.

The LECSA served as the conduit for distributing this aid which was purchased with funds sent from Christian brothers and sisters in Wales.  Mr. David Rees, an Elder of the Tabernacle Church in Cardiff, visited Lesotho during the drought and this led to the contributions for the relief effort for people in Lesotho.

Every year in the LECSA the Bo-‘Mabana (Mothers’ Union) fellowship association distributes aid to those in need, especially when they celebrate Sontaha sa Letsibolo (Sunday of the First-born) during the month of May.  So when the LECSA received this gift from Wales they requested that the Bo-‘Mabana group organize the purchase and distribution of the food.  All parishes in the presbyteries of Hermon (Mafeteng area) and Maphutseng (Mohale’s Hoek area) benefited from the food aid which was distributed on the 22nd and 24th of August 2016.  The Bo-‘Mabana groups in each parish identified both church members and non-church members in their areas who were in need of assistance.  Each parish sent vehicles to the distribution points of Mafeteng LECSA and Mohale’s Hoek LECSA to take the food back to the beneficiaries of the generosity of the LECSA’s friends in Wales.  Each allotment of food consisted of maize meal, bread flour, dried beans, cooking oil and soya mince.

The purchase and distribution of the food was coordinated by members of the LECSA Bo-‘Mabana Executive Committee, including Chairperson Mrs. Mary Posholi, Treasurer Mrs. ‘Mamohlomi Ntsane, Mrs. ‘Manthabeleng Masemene and Mrs. ‘Malerato Tšehlana.  At both Mafeteng and Mohale’s Hoek a service of thanksgiving was held prior to the distribution of food.  Those participating included the LECSA Moderator Rev. Tšeliso Simeon Masemene, LECSA Executive Secretary Rev. Nelson Khethang Posholi, Rev. Martin Masilo Phate of Mafeteng LECSA, Rev. Cosmus Sejakhosi Letsie of Mohale’s Hoek LECSA and LECSA Women’s Programme Coordinator Ms. Mampiti Moletsane.  The church’s radio station, KEL Radio, was also present along with the LECSA Planning Officer Mr. Mark Behle.

The LECSA gives thanks to God for this expression of Christian mercy shown by Mr. Rees and his fellow Christians at Tabernacle Church, and appeals to LECSA members and others of good will to continue this assistance.


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