A groundbreaking ceremony for the Bo-‘Mabana Synod’s Conference Centre was held at Hleoheng Parish, in Leribe Presbytery, on Sunday, 24 March 2019. The leadership from the Church was in attendance, as well as members of the Executive Committee, representatives from all of the LECSA Presbyteries, and administrative staff from the LECSA offices.


The Conference Centre is a long-term project of the Bo-‘Mabana. The Bo-‘Mobana (Mother’s Union), founded in 1889, is one of the one of the oldest church associations within LECSA. Its primary focus is to care for pastors and their families. The idea for the Conference Centre was first conceived under the leadership of ‘M’e Jefrou Thabitha Thakholi (1993-1997). Subsequent Baokameli of Bo-‘Mabana embraced the vision and sought guidance from the Executive Committee about how to move forward with the project. The Church Synod graciously assisted in finding the site for the Conference Centre at Hleoheng. Thanks to the fine leadership and tireless fundraising efforts of Bo-‘Mabana, significant contributions have been made by each of the 12 Presbyteries to help fund the new Conference Centre. These accomplishments, including the enduring faith of Bo-‘Mabana, were enthusiastically celebrated in full by the entire Synod at the groundbreaking event.

The two-day celebration started on Saturday, 23 March 2019, at 11:00 AM. Many Bo-‘Mabana and other guilds gathered to celebrate the joyous occasion.  They shared communion, had collections, and prayed and sang through the night to bless the groundbreaking.


At 9:00 AM on Sunday, 24 March, the groundbreaking ceremony began. All who were in attendance gathered at the site for the New Conference Centre.  A prayer was given and hymns were sung. The Moderator of the Synod, Rev. Tšeliso Simeone Masemene, ceremoniously moved the first shovel-full of earth. A worship service of thanksgiving followed the groundbreaking.

The Bo-‘Mabana will continue to work with the Synod to develop a timeline for the construction and completion of the Conference Centre. The Conference Centre will be used by Bo-‘Mabana and other church groups to host gatherings.  It will also be open to outside organizations at a fee; LECSA hopes that in time it will serve as an additional source of revenue for the church. The design of Synod’s Conference Centre is inspired by indigenous African settlements that include public, semi-private and private spaces. It will consist of an Administration Building, an Arts and Crafts Centre, a Multi-Purpose Hall, an Amphitheatre, a dining hall and kitchen, chalets and dormitories, and land that can be utilized for producing vegetables or for animal husbandry.


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