Handing Over of Keys at Molika-liko Parish


The new church hall and pastor’s house at Molika-liko Parish.

On November 6, 2019, the LECSA Executive Secretary, Rev. Nelson Khethang Posholi, handed over the keys of the newly constructed pastor’s house and church hall at Ha Montši  to the consistory of Molika-liko Parish in Mantšonyane Presbytery.


Consistory members of Molika-liko Parish.

Construction on the two buildings commenced shortly after the ground-breaking ceremony on 12 March 2019 and finished in late-August. The completion of this project was especially significant because the community had gone without a church for over 20 years as the result of being relocated due to Mohale Dam.


The completed church hall.

In addition to the LECSA Executive Secretary, the Moderator of Mantšonyane Presbytery,  Rev. N.M. Thamahane; the pastor of Molika-liko Parish, Rev. V.M. Mokitimi; the Chief of Ha Montši, ‘Mé Matsepang Tsapane;  the contractor, Mr. L. Tsuu of Bafokeng Building Construction; the principal agent for the project, Mr. M. Monne; the LECSA Projects Officer, Mr. M. Knowles; the LECSA Planning Officer, Ms. D. S. Murry-Knowles and various consistory members celebrated together starting with a tour of both buildings, followed by hymn singing and handing over prayers. The event concluded with a gracious lunch served by members of the consistory in the new pastor’s house.


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