2020 LECSA Worship Service at Matsieng


King Letsie III, Queen ‘Masenate, and the Royal Family worshipping together.

A special service of worship was held on 26th January, 2020 at Matsieng, the home of Lesotho’s monarch, King Letsie III. This beloved annual event is an opportunity for LECSA to lift up the King and his family, to pray for their welfare, strength, and peace as they lead the country. It is also an opportunity to pray for the prosperity of the Basotho people and to give thanks for all that God has given. The annual worship service is evidence of the long-standing bond between the Royal Family and LECSA, dating back to 1833 when King Moshoeshoe I welcomed the French missionaries to Lesotho. King Moshoeshoe I gave the missionaries land at Morija to start a mission.  The church that they started there eventually became known as LECSA.


King Letsie III and Queen ‘Masenate.

Their Royal Highnesses, King Letsie III and Queen ‘Masenate, and members of the royal family were in attendance as well as former Prime Minister Dr. Pakalitha Mosisili, government dignitaries from Lesotho, and a delegation from the Free State, South Africa, including the Premier of the Free State, Mrs. Sefora Hixsonia Ntombela. Also present were members of the LECSA Executive Committee, Pastors from Thaba-Bosiu and Morija Presbyteries as well as Morija Theological Seminary, LECSA members from nearby parishes, and representatives of Banna le Bahlankana, LECSA’s Men’s Guild, who led those present in spirited singing.

LECSA Executive Secretary, Rev. Nelson Khethang Posholi, led the service and the LECSA Moderator, Rev. Tšeliso Simeon Masemene, gave the sermon on Ezekiel 18: 1-4. The event also included remarks given by the King’s younger brother, Prince Seeiso Bareng Seeiso, Judge Joseph Teboho Moiloa Moiloa from the LECSA Executive Committee, and the King’s uncle, Acting Principal Chief of Matsieng, David Masupha Seeiso Masupha.


Praying with the Royal Family.


Praying with the Royal Family.



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