Church Groups

The Lesotho Evangelical Church in Southern Africa has four associations or church groups.

Bo-'M'abana handing out food parcels (800x393)

The oldest of these is the Bo-‘M’abana (Mother’s Union) women’s fellowship group which was started in 1889 by Mrs. Alina Dyke, daughter of one of the French missionaries, Rev. Adolphe Mabille.  Bo-‘M’abana groups generally have weekly meetings on Thursday when members can be seen wearing their uniforms. Meetings include a variety of activities such as Bible study, practicing hymns, prayer, handicrafts and visiting the sick. Other things they do include providing assistance to pastors and their families, families in need, preparations for church activities and funerals.

Basali ba Kereke (800x491) (2) (640x393)

Another women’s group which is of more recent origin is Basali ba Kereke (BBK) which translates in English to “Women of the Church”. Like Bo-‘M’abana, they have a uniform they wear to signify their membership in the group. BBK members have activities similar to Bo-‘M’abana. They tend to be younger women and often meet after church services as many members are working during the week.

Banna le Bahlankana (800x600)

The men’s fellowship group is known as Banna le Bahlankana (Men and Young Men). The origins of the group started in the LECSA’s congregations located in Gauteng Province in South Africa where many men worked in the mines. The group is now found in all twelve presbyteries of the LECSA.

Youth Choir (800x413)

The young people comprise Ba Bacha le Tsebeletso ea Bana (The Youth and Sunday School). The Youth groups practice the three T’s: Thapelo (Prayer), Tsebeletso (Service) and Thabisano (Fun activities). They also engage in income-generating projects to support their activities. They often sing at services and participate in choir competitions. They have weekly meetings, wear black and white for church services and have a pin signifying membership.

Sunday School children (800x447) (2) (640x358)

Sunday School children meet during church services. During this time they learn and memorize Scripture verses, sing songs and do dramas related to the Bible. Occasionally they perform dramas in church and recite verses for the congregation.


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