2019 Leeto la Thapelo


Thousands of members of the Lesotho Evangelical Church in Southern Africa (LECSA) gathered in Morija on Saturday, 26 October-Sunday, 27 October 2019 for LECSA’s annual Leeto la Thapelo (Journey of Prayer). It is the biggest church event of the year for LECSA and serves as a way to strengthen church unity and celebrate Reformation. Representatives from each of LECSA’s twelve presbyteries attended the event.

On Saturday morning before worship, the gathering began with a recognition of the pilgrims who participated in the 5th annual Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace. The Pilgrimage was originally organised in response to the World Council of Churches’ call for Christian communities to advocate for Justice and Peace in the face of violence, political instability and oppression. It has now become a beloved event for LECSA members. The Pilgrimage goes from Modderpoort, South Africa to Morija, Lesotho and follows the route taken by the first missionaries who were welcomed to Lesotho by King Moshoeshoe I in 1833. It is a five-day journey, walking together and praying together.

Saturday morning worship started at 9:00am. The sermon was given by Rev. Jane Timothy Makakane, the LECSA Deputy Moderator, on 2 Timothy 3; 14-17. There was a special time in the service for healing prayer where pastors and evangelists were on hand to pray for those who were sick or elderly.

The time of offering was particularly important and continued for several hours. Each presbytery, represented by a particular style of dress or colour, joined together in singing and dancing as they took turns joyfully giving. The presbyteries were followed by several of the church guilds.

Beginning at 8:00pm Saturday evening, there was another time of worship consisting of sermons, scripture readings, and hymns, culminating in a large communion service. After communion was taken by all, there was a time of prayer where pastors were available to pray for individuals through the night, until close to dawn.

Sunday morning worship began at 9:00am. Rev. Tšeliso Simeon Masemene, the LECSA Moderator, gave the sermon on Romans 1:16-17. The joyful event concluded around 1pm.


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